What is Fashion?

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Fashion is the most important part of a human’s nature, whether its about your clothes, footwear, accessories, makeup and body. Infact, some people give their first impression by their sense of fashion. Every person have their own style whether its their own our admired by a celebrity. “COSTUME” is an everyday word used for fashion, fashion never stays the same it is “dynamic” keeps changing.

Media’s role in fashion?

Media is a core of fashion, without it fashion doesn’t exist because believe me or not media has the power to show you what they want to show you. people always see fashion from media’s perspective and end up believing it. BTW, “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CAMERA” from fashion journalism people get to know about the fashion trends around the world. Fashion shows happen all around the world even if you are in a completely different country and want to know about other countries fashion styles “no fear when the media is there” if you are connected on facebook or any other social media app, then you are connected to fashion because it’s everywhere.


As i said fashion can be the way you see it or wan to see it. it changes over time. Have you ever thought that you cam make your fashion up even by TRASH or from your daily household things such as can, newspaper, crisp pack etc, weird right but its true and you know what it’s trendy, what you don’t believe me just see it!!!!!!!!! ITS FABULOUS

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but guess what it is not only fashionable but also has a philosophy and an ethic encompassing environmentalism and innovation, i mean did you ever had a thought that someday you see a dress made out of newspapers, cups and crisp pack. trashion i veruy similar to a upcycling and refashion. Making traditional objects out of recycled materials can be trashion plus environmental friendly. Like upcycling, trashion generates items that are valued again, but these may be low-cost or high-cost, perhaps depending on the skill of the artist, you know now this is where it grabbed my attention it is affordable for everyone and this is what trashion is about.

Where did it started from?

In 1990 an American artist Ann Wizer began using wearbale art and plastic waste. She started working in Philippines and first project was called “virus”. Wizer created a set of costumes and made entirely from post consumer plastic waste to celebrate Earth day. Infact, The first plastic packaging tote bags were accessories to these costumes. Now trashion is not just a part of a fashion weeks also a subject of school projects, local fashion shows, community center exhibits and fundraisers.

Trashion in accessories

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OMG trashion is not only used in costumes or dresses but also in bags, and bracelets. FASHION FABULOUS, from now on let’s make a promise that we will keep our earth clean and “SAVE OUR EARTH”!!!!!!